Homemade Prince Charming

27 Feb

In this world we have TWO types of guys; We have the ASSHOLE (lol) and we have PRINCE CHARMING. Now I bet you every female has come across the ASSHOLE, we all do. When we meet this type of guy for some reason its an AUTOMATIC attraction. This attraction can either be from physical appearance (which most likely that’s not the case) or it can be the fact that we want to be considered “SPECIAL“. When females meet Mr.Asshole he’s either the way he is because of past experiences, he wasn’t raised right and has no morals, or in most cases he hasn’t matured yet. Some females believe that these Assholes are usually misunderstood by the people around him and sometimes that can be true. They try to figure these type of guys out because they feel that maybe one day this guy can be their “PRINCE CHARMING“. Some females believe that if a guy has treated every other female disrespectful but has changed his ways for her she’s automatically “WIFEY” or she’s “SPECIAL“. What she doesn’t realize is that the time she wasted on trying to change one guy to be considered “SPECIAL“, a “PRINCE CHARMING” has passed her by. If she would have went for “Prince Charming” there would be nothing to change. He would automatically consider her “Special”. She also would not have to endure all that pain that she had just to change this one guy. At the end she would realize that she’s not “SPECIAL” she just TOLERATED something a next WOMAN WOULDN’T. What I’m trying to tell all my female readers is VERY CLEAR. STOP wasting your time, STOP tolerating the bullshit, STOP allowing these men to hurt you. It’s not WORTH it, Prince Charming does exist there’s no need to try to make your own. Nobody wants a HOMEMADE PRINCE CHARMING! .



27 Feb

Ive been neglecting my site for so LONG…But there has been A LOT of things on my mind lately…So what better place to let it all out then here…So STAY tune for all the DRAMA


20 Jan

What exactly is BOUNDARIES?…To me BOUNDARIES are sets of rules that should be in ever relationship….If you don’t have them then you really need to get em…Some females feel if they set rules in dere relationships that they are being controlling or annoying…NO your not…Your being SMART…If a relationship has no rules a man will do whatever he pleases…And if he does u have no right to complain…Females have to understand that SOME not ALL men are like dogs and they have to b trained…Call me what u like but below are the 2 main rules I feel should b in every relationship

1. Your relationship with ur man and ur friends should b seperate 
2. Your man shouldn’t have a whole bunch of female friends

I feel the 1st rule should be in everyone’s realationship bcause when ur friends are friends with ur man it causes to much drama! The 2nd rule is another MUST to be…Why?…I dont believe that men and females can have just a friendship…Call me ignorant IDC but it always turns into more!

Bloody 6 Train

7 Jan

A new year has come but it seems like nothing much has changed…In 2010 the VIOLENCE still continues…A bystander on the 6 train recored a fight that got BRUTAL and BLOODY…Words cannot explain how DISTRUBING this video is…It starts out with 2 men fighting (one African-American and the other Hispanic)…One of the women on the train tried to break it up (I’m guessing the women is the Hispanic man’s girlfriend) and it did not end up to well for her…Like I said WORDS cannot explain what takes place in this video…

The conductor stops the train but cant call the police? SMH

Who’s DaT Girl?

5 Jan

Every season of BAD GIRLS CLUB someone gets in a fight the next person gets their ass whooped and den someone is replaced…There has NEVER been a season where somebody hasn’t been replaced…Tonite BAD GIRLS CLUB is back and were all GUESSING…Who is this next BAD GIRL gonna be? Guess we will all have to wait till tonite to see…I just love it when a new girl arrives….It adds more drama…lol

Get Em Tiger

4 Jan

Once I thought I heard it all…I hear more!…I swear if I wanted to b a rapper or a singer I would SUCCEED with FLYING COLORS….Bcause the BS dat gets played on radio is crazy…Dont get me wrong this new song is funny…I feel bad for Tiger Woods…He got it WORST then Chris Brown…Nobody gonna make him forget about all the hoes he got crawling in his woods…Listen to this new song and let me know what u think?

We would of probably had ur back Tiger..Maino probably wouldnt even had made this song…But remeber “Ur not black” lol…So in the words of Maino…GET EM TIGER

Wolf Pack

4 Jan

For all the TWLIGHT FANS out there im pretty sure u guys will enjoy this commercial as much as I did…No matter how many times I seen it on tv…I CANT STOP watching it…I cant wait for June 30th 2010…ECLIPSE!